Alice McTyer

Don’t teach narrative structure until you’ve read this. Why authorship methods make writing and comprehension easy and engaging for K-12 .

What is narrative writing? A better question is, what is effective narrative writing and reading comprehension?

What is narrative writing? Teach Effective Narrative instead. The easiest way for children to write and comprehend great stories.

literacy strategies for teachers infographic

Animated infographic: Effective literacy strategies are crucial to engage all school students in both reading comprehension and writing Discover an evidence-based (and surprisingly easy) effective literacy strategy that teachers children to comprehend and write stories like good authors do.

cartoon characters on seesaw. Beware the pendulum swing in literacy

How forgotten literacy science shows us the simple secrets to teaching school children to read and write like authors do.

Jay. class 6M, looking confused

“Why do authors get to learn to read and write stories the easy way and we don’t?” Write Magic began with a simple goal: to help a school boy named Jay – who used to hate writing. Since this is a story about Jay and our Founder, Alice McTyer, let’s meet Alice first. She is …

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