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Five-to-Six-Hour Online Course with Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Manual, Feedback and Certificate

Teaching the rules of effective narrative will make your job easier.

Why? Because nobody can write a great narrative – or indeed, truly comprehend the stories they read – without knowing how great stories work.

So why do we expect children to do so?

Effective narrative gives children a precise yet easy recipe for crafting great stories that they want to write – and the keys to unlocking the point, purpose and theme of stories they read. The education and literacy science proves it.

We’ve known for millennia what makes an effective narrative. Or in other words, a great story. In fact, the elements that combine to make an effective narrative are well defined, specific and comparatively easy to learn. Perhaps surprisingly, the same fundamental narrative rules are still used today in novels, TV shows, movies, plays and comics.

Why? Because creators know that these rules authentically engage audiences.

This course teaches one proven, simple method that will help you boost your students’ story writing and reading comprehension outcomes and engagement.

Key concepts include:

  • The truth about what engages young readers and writers – and how to do it.
  • Why narrative writing methods taught in schools can be unnecessarily difficult – and can lead to poorer-quality stories.
  • The surprisingly simple and intuitive story rules the education scientists and story industry experts agree work.
  • A step-by-step method to help even young children plan compelling, logical and meaningful stories using the narrative rules that authentically engage audiences.
  • The evidence for why it’s easier and more engaging to teach children narrative writing from a place of meaning, not story form.
  • How to use effective narrative planning templates that even young school children can grasp.
  • How to teach your students to more easily comprehend the point, purpose and themes of good fiction.
  • How to boost narrative writing and reading engagement and outcomes by teaching a single method; one based on strategies scientifically proven to work for all school ages and most abilities.

What you get

This course comes with everything you need – including:

  • Lesson plans
  • Student worksheets
  • 365-day access

  • Certificate
  • Ongoing support
  • Quizzes
  • Trained-author feedback
  • Actionable tasks

Our promise to you

Write Magic will transform the way you teach narrative writing – or your money back, no questions asked.

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