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Teach great narrative writing and reading comprehension easily. Make story writing and reading comprehension easy and engaging for K-12

Face-to-face PD: The Story Engine. Effective Narrative, Made Easy.

Discover the all-in-one narrative writing and reading comprehension method that marries serious education science and story industry expertise. It's based on strategies proven to authentically engage audiences AND be easy and engaging to learn - even for children. Yet despite the proof it works, this method is rarely taught in schools. Learn with other teachers in a supported, private forum.

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Boost writing engagement and confidence coming soon

Module 2: Boost Engagement and Confidence for Writing Success

Do they hate writing? Writing engagement and confidence are great predictors of long-term writing success. Yet studies show that writing enjoyment peaks in first grade, and declines from there. This course shows you proven methods to get your students loving the narratives they write.

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narrative method module 3 coming soon

Module 3: How One Narrative Method = a Million Brilliant Stories

Did you know, the same narrative rules underpin many great stories, regardless of genre or form? That means you can adapt Write Magic's True Story Method to all narrative task, topic and curriculum requirements and still meet your students individual interests and abilities. Great story is not difficult to teach and learn - if you know how great stories truly work.

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The Story Engine: Effective Narrative Made Easy

The Story Engine. Effective Narrative, Made Easy. Flexible Learning.

NESA-Accredited PD. Instantly make story writing and reading comprehension easy and engaging for all your K-12 students. Despite the proof this all-in-one effective story literacy works, it's rarely taught in schools. In this flexible, online learning course, you get grade/ability-adapted lesson plans, teacher's manual, expert feedback, ongoing, tailored support, and 365-day access. Significant group discounts available - contact us to learn more.