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Write Magic Study Results

93% of school students found STARTING a story easier.

100% of students found WRITING a story easier.

86% of students found generating an IDEA easier.

What Teachers, Parents and Students Say:

"They loved it."

"Working with Write Magic was rewarding for both the students and myself. The learning was interesting and motivating. I really enjoyed working with Write Magic, the expectations set were clear and all students were able to succeed and feel proud. All who completed the course felt more confident in writing interesting stories. The atmosphere created by Write Magic was supportive and enticed the students to take risks. They loved it. It provided me with a few 'aha' moments and lots of simple things to use in my own teaching of writing. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Write Magic."
Cathy Dent
Primary School Teacher, Australia

"Truly transformative approach to teaching narrative writing"

"I highly recommend Write Magic and [founder] Alice McTyer as a teacher. Her passion for teaching is inspiring, and I think this approach will make writing easier for the next generation. It's easy, intuitive and I can see it's going to change the way I teach creative writing in the classroom.
I think goal-driven storytelling is a truly transformative approach to teaching narrative writing and I wish I had done the course sooner!"
Gilbert Walker
English Teacher, Australia

"I can't believe this approach isn't taught in schools."

"My fourth-grader loves to write stories, but he wasn't meeting the narrative writing requirements at school. Write Magic was exactly what he needed because it showed him how to come up with ideas and structure and write great stories. In fact, the facilitator and I were stunned at the quality of his work after just one session! It really brought out his talent. I can't believe this approach to narrative is not taught in all schools; it is simply that easy, fun, and effective."​
Mirella Costanzi
Parent, Australia

"Improved my writing."

"Write Magic has helped me improve my writing by knowing how to set up a good story."
Year 6 Student, NSW, Australia

"Easy and fun."

"I never really liked writing, but Write Magic made it so easy and fun."
Year 8 Student, NSW, Australia

For Educators Who Want To:

Make Great Teaching Easier

Nobody can create or comprehend great stories without knowing how good stories truly work. So why do we expect school children to do so? Discover effective narrative: it’s easier to teach and learn – no matter your students interests and abilities, and your subject requirements. 

Boost Learning Outcomes

Learn one simple method to help your students  unlock the meaning and purpose of stories they read and write.  Research shows this method boosts outcomes and engagement.

Support Keen, Talented Writers

Help them discover the stories they want to write within the context of their learning requirements.  They can learn how to write stories rich with purpose and meaning – just like real authors do.

Inspire the Unengaged

They will enjoy reading and writing if: They know the narrative rules; they can write about topics that have meaning to them; and their creative confidence is nurtured.  Learn evidence-based methods to engage them in story writing and reading.

Prepare Them for the Future

Writing and reading are major predictors of success in school and beyond. In our knowledge age, employers are increasingly valuing story skills. Help them gain the skills they need to succeed.

Give Authentic Learning

Stories are a part of being human. Help your students unlock the power of story in a meaningful, authentic way. Teach your students to write like authors do – from a place of meaning and purpose.


Easily apply in your classroom. Our certificate courses come with lesson plans, worksheets and ongoing support during the course and afterwards.


Write Magic's unique story writing method marries serious education science and story industry expertise. It's the one story method the scientists and story experts agree works.


Write Magic believes it will transform the way you teach narrative. However, if you don't agree, all our courses come with a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Supported and Collaborative

Trained writers provide feedback on your work - and you can contact us any time for help. Plus, you can learn with other educators in a private, supportive and monitored class forum.


Easily adapt Write Magic's method to your curriculum, tasks and students' individual interests and abilities. Discover one method to create and comprehend stories, scripts, plays, folk tales, personal narratives, and more.

Easy, Fun and Flexible

Content is presented in narrated animated videos.
Learn when and where you want with mobile-friendly video content, quizzes and tasks.
Oh, and it's easy to do: if you can log in to a computer, you can do this course.

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Teach great narrative writing and reading comprehension easily. Make story writing and reading comprehension easy and engaging for K-12

Face-to-face PD: The Story Engine. Effective Narrative, Made Easy.

Discover the all-in-one narrative writing and reading comprehension method that marries serious education science and story industry expertise. It's based on strategies proven to authentically engage audiences AND be easy and engaging to learn - even for children. Yet despite the proof it works, this method is rarely taught in schools. Learn with other teachers in a supported, private forum.

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Boost writing engagement and confidence coming soon

Module 2: Boost Engagement and Confidence for Writing Success

Do they hate writing? Writing engagement and confidence are great predictors of long-term writing success. Yet studies show that writing enjoyment peaks in first grade, and declines from there. This course shows you proven methods to get your students loving the narratives they write.

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narrative method module 3 coming soon

Module 3: How One Narrative Method = a Million Brilliant Stories

Did you know, the same narrative rules underpin many great stories, regardless of genre or form? That means you can adapt Write Magic's True Story Method to all narrative task, topic and curriculum requirements and still meet your students individual interests and abilities. Great story is not difficult to teach and learn - if you know how great stories truly work.


Free Lesson: The Surprisingly Simple Key to Effective Narrative – in 10 minutes

Would you give 10 minutes of your time to make narrative writing AND fiction reading comprehension easier and more engaging? Discover the lesson that made teachers and students say, "Aha! So that's how stories truly work". In this free lesson, you will learn the single most powerful narrative rule. It's the rule that authors use to authentically engage audiences - and it's surprisingly easy to learn, even for children. You will also see the proof that creative writing talent and enthusiasm are the last things your students need to create compelling and logical story plans.

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The Story Engine: Effective Narrative Made Easy

The Story Engine. Effective Narrative, Made Easy. Flexible Learning.

NESA-Accredited PD. Instantly make story writing and reading comprehension easy and engaging for all your K-12 students. Despite the proof this all-in-one effective story literacy works, it's rarely taught in schools. In this flexible, online learning course, you get grade/ability-adapted lesson plans, teacher's manual, expert feedback, ongoing, tailored support, and 365-day access. Significant group discounts available - contact us to learn more.

Your Questions Answered

Write Magic offers collaborative professional development courses for teachers and tutors who want to learn a single, simple and evidence-based strategy to boost narrative comprehension and writing outcomes. Write Magic’s True Story Training comes with complete and actionable teacher’s manual, re-printable worksheets and ongoing support to ensure you are confident to use your knowledge in the classroom.

It is:

  • Evidence-based: built on solid science and real-world fiction writing expertise.
  • Best-practice designed to improve students’ skills, engagement and confidence.

Money-back Guarantee

If you want your students or children to easily write from a place of purpose, theme and meaning, just like good authors do, then Write Magic could be for you. If you decide it isn’t, no worries. We have a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Have you ever wondered why we teach children to “hook” the reader with jazzed-up sentences, yet successful authors don’t often start a story this way?

Most narrative writing strategies, plans, prompts and worksheets designed for school-aged-children – that we’ve seen, at least – tend to treat writing in the same way. They use abstract rules to guide the child through the story writing process. By this we mean terms including attention grabbers, hooks, consolidation, rising tension, themes, character development, climaxes and conclusions. Or worse, beginning, middle and end.  

That’s a lot of abstract concepts for students master. Especially when this approach could hinder their ability to understand and write great narratives. Indeed, even many adult authors take a far more direct and meaningful approach to creating stories.  

 The Write Magic Difference

We use a simple, direct and authentic method based on questions that even five-year-olds can grasp. This allows children to easily and intuitively harness the story elements that are proven to drive compelling narratives. And that means they can more easily write and comprehend stories on a deeper level.

How Authors Write

This simple, direct method has been successfully used to teach authors and scriptwriters both understand and write stories. In fact, authors generally approach fiction writing from a place of meaning, purpose and theme. Otherwise, why bother writing at all? Great authors and scriptwriters know the authentic story elements that both drive narrative and engage audiences. These narrative elements have stood the test of time: they are widely used today in fiction, plays, TV shows and movies, just as they have driven effective stories for millennia in oral traditions, folk tales and classic literature.  

But aren’t we teaching kids to write, not adults?

Perhaps surprisingly, considerable research shows that  the same story elements that authors use to create great narratives can be mastered.  This is true for young, and non-confident school children, as well as those with learning difficulties and ESL.

At Write Magic, we teach how these story elements make cohesive, meaningful and themed stories easier and more engaging to write. 

Why Write Magic (in a nutshell)?

Write Magic brings together the work of scientists and leading story experts to give children authentic learning in the most powerful communication tool known to us – stories. It allows students to write narrative with purpose, theme and meaning, just like real authors do.

Money-back Guarantee

If you decide Write Magic’s professional development courses aren’t for you, no worries. We have a money-back guarantee on all our courses, no questions asked.

This is one of the main outcomes of Write Magic’s professional development. By the time you finish the course, you will easily and quickly be able to adapt Write Magic lesson plans for any topic, task, or writing form.

How is that possible? Because the same enduring elements of good story are found in fiction, oral traditions, folk tales, movies, plays and TV shows. Discover how one method creates a million brilliant stories.

Write Magic adapts effective adult-fiction strategies that are proven to be easy to comprehend and apply to writing, even by young children. As a combination of adult and literacy learning strategies, Write Magic is suitable for older school students as well. Even if your students are not old enough to write stories, this approach will help them comprehend the deeper themes, meaning of stories they read. The research proves this knowledge will then help them apply this knowledge to writing and storytelling.

No worries. There are two levels of evidence:

First, Write Magic’s method has been pilot tested on 8th graders and 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The groups tested included motivated and unmotivated writers.  For a copy of this study, please contact us here.

Second, Write Magic’s narrative learning strategies are based on two bodies of evidence:

  • The seminal works of leading fiction and screenwriting experts.
  • The work of leading literacy and cognitive development researchers.

Please contact Write Magic here for a complete review of the evidence. 

The evidence that its teaching method can boost reading comprehension is overwhelming across disciplines, including literacy and cognitive development. Instruction in the story-structure methods taught in Write Magic boosts children’s deep understanding of the story form and their comprehension of creative works.  Please contact us to learn more about this research.

If your students want to discover how to write meaningful and compelling stories just as real authors do, then the answer is yes.

Benefits for students include:

Learn how great authors write

Both fiction and literacy experts agree on the story elements that work to truly engage audiences. Mastering them will allow young authors to take their writing to a whole new level.

Feedback from real authors

Students get encouraging feedback on their work from trained authors who know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Collaborative learning

Students can post the creative works they craft in Write Magic to a collaborative writer’s group. Students can learn from and encourage each other’s writing, just as adult writers do – a proven approach to boost writing confidence and success. 

The groups are designed to be secure, supportive and closely monitored.

Ongoing writers’ groups.

Young writers also have the opportunity to stay on in our supportive, monitored writers’ groups for kids to develop their craft and help support other keen young writers. We all learn best by collaborating and teaching, and keen students can take on mentoring roles to guide other young writers.

Harness the power of story for meaningful learning and future success

Story is the most powerful form of communication known to us. It is also becoming increasingly valued in many industries, including business, marketing, health and psychology. Write Magic gives kids the chance to really harness the power of story and apply it across genres and story forms, including narrative, narrative essay, short stories, novels, scripts, personal essays, business stories, and more. Apart from an opportunity for meaningful learning, story skills are increasingly valued in many industries, including business, health, journalism, marketing and advertising.

Money-back Guarantee

If you want your students to write from a place of purpose, theme and meaning, just like good authors do, then Write Magic could be for you. If you decide it isn’t, no worries. We have a 7-day money-back guarantee on all our courses, no questions asked.

As you know, most children hate writing for a few  reasons: they don’t understand “the rules”, they lack writing confidence, or they are not engaged in the writing task or prompt they’ve been set. Let’s go through these reasons in more detail.

“Narrative writing is too hard.”

Some children struggle when they are asked to do a complex and creative task with no definite right or wrong answer. Some even give up before they start their stories. This problem compounds over time, until they decide they hate writing and stop trying altogether. Write Magic has found that its clear and intuitive writing method is especially appealing to students who like a lot of structure and straightforward guidance in their writing.

“Writing is boring.”

Authors are often compelled to write by what interests them on a deeper level. But students often don’t get this opportunity in school. Indeed, students aren’t always interested in the writing tasks or story prompts they are given at school.

Write Magic is designed to help students discover a story they actually want to write in most given tasks.

How is this possible? Because Write Magic teaches a writing strategy based on effective story elements that are proven to work across genre, topic and writing form (such as short stories, scripts, comics or narrative essays). Write Magic believes they can all enjoy writing, if we show them how to discover and plan a story that has meaning and relevance to them.  

 “I’m no good at creative writing.”

We all know that children are creative beings, and stories are a fundamental part of being human. Therefore, they should all love writing narratives, right? However, sometimes budding creativity can get stifled. We believe creativity is like a garden – it can be fed and nurtured with personalised encouragement. Write Magic is passionate about nurturing creativity through writing. Its programs have specific strategies to both boost long-term creative confidence and help students rediscover their joy for creative writing.

If you want to learn more about Write Magic’s approach to inspiring a love of writing in the unmotivated writer, please contact us here.

Absolutely. our step-by-step, actionable course shows you the deep story elements that the industry professionals have comprehensively proven to engage audiences.

Perhaps surprisingly, the literacy and cognitive science research tells us that even very young children intuitively grasp these story elements. Indeed, instruction in these methods has been proven to boost both writing outcomes AND reading comprehension in school-aged children.

Believe it or not, even 4th graders have learned to write stories rich with theme, meaning and compelling narrative drive with Write Magic. 

Want to know more? You can contact Write Magic for details of pilot studies and research reviews .

Great question! Many experts have analysed what works in good stories, and they have identified common elements that engage audiences. We have teased out those story elements that both underpin many great stories and are easy and intuitive to learn, even by young and beginning writers.  Then we poured these story elements into a cauldron, cooked them until they bubbled and, through some mysterious alchemic transformation, the story teaching method that is Write Magic was born.

However, we are not saying this approach to story structure is the only way to craft a great yarn. Instead, we argue that students should first know the rules of engagement that work before they go ahead and break them (and lets hope that one day they do).

The proof? These same elements are found in countless novels, short stories, TV shows, movies, plays and any other form of narrative you can think of. Writers often find that creating within an effective story framework doesn’t limit creativity. Instead, it enhances it. 

Yes they can — even 4th graders! Write Magic has proven this in pilot studies. And the results are backed up by the findings in quality literacy and cognitive development research.

Want the proof? Contact Write Magic here to request pilot studies and knowledge reviews.

Creative writing, if taught properly, has a number of benefits for student learning. Some of these are:

  • Proven to boost abilities in problem solving, maths, science, other writing forms, and reading comprehension.
  • Writing is a big predictor of success in school and beyond.
  • Creative writing helps children explore and understand their feelings, actions, decisions, empathy, and relationships.
  • The ability to write and tell effective stories is becoming increasingly valued in a range of professions that require effective written and spoken communication skills.
  • Stories are widely accepted as the most powerful communication tool known to us. Why would we deny children the chance to truly harness this power?

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