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"Why do authors get to learn to read and write stories the easy way and we don't?"

Write Magic began with a simple goal: to help a school boy named Jay – who used to hate writing.

Alice McTyer

Alice McTyer

Since this is a story about Jay and our Founder, Alice McTyer, let’s meet Alice first. She is a trained, internationally awarded author and an award-winning journalist with a research doctorate in psychology. She is passionate about children’s literacy, creativity and confidence – and the amazing power of story.

Like many parents, Alice volunteered for reading and writing time at her children’s schools. It didn’t take her long to realise that the way she had learned to write and analyse fiction as an adult was both easier and more engaging.

That’s  when she met Jay, 10. Now, Jay “hated” writing. What he meant was, he hated classroom writing. He’d struggle to come up with a story idea or know how to start his story. When he did, he’d quickly lose the plot.

So Alice decided to adapt for him the story techniques she had learned as an adult. These techniques do one thing very well: they show the author how to write the story they want to write in a way that authentically engages audiences.

Long story short, Jay loved the method – once he realised how easy it was to write a story about a topic and theme that was important to him. Indeed, the problem became getting him to put the pen down when writing time was up. And his compelling and logical story was proof he found it easier, too. 

Afterwards, he asked, “Alice, why to adults get to learn to read and write stories the easy way, and school children don’t?”

Great question, Jay.

Of course, we all know the statistics: Children’s writing enjoyment peaks in first grade. Many children fail to meet standards, yet effective writing is an increasingly critical skill in our knowledge age.

Alice wanted to help solve these problems. But mostly she wanted to inspire a life-long love of story reading and creating.

She took a deep dive into the learning research – and waded through the relevant literacy, education and cognitive development sciences. 

And she discovered something astonishing: the scientists proved the story methods she learned as an adult were easy and engaging for children to learn, too.

She pilot tested the methods on high school and primary school engaged writers and struggling writers.

It worked: every student generated compelling, themed and unique story plans, regardless of their age, enthusiasm or abilities. Almost all wrote compelling and logical stories.

Yet despite the story industry and scientific evidence they work, these methods are rarely taught in schools.

Thus Write Magic was born. It’s an all-in-one narrative writing and reading comprehension training program for K-12 educators. You could call it a love story between serious education science and story industry expertise.

It’s the only story method proven to both authentically engage audiences and be easy and engaging to comprehend and write.

Start learning why Jay now loves narrative writing - and see how easily young and struggling Write Magic graduates created compelling, unique and logical story plans.

The surprisingly simple key to effective narrative writing and comprehension - in 10 minutes​

Know a teacher who might be intested in making story writing and reading comprehension easier?

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